Preventative maintenance is an effective way to ward off catastrophic events that cause both product loss and extended outages. The proactive benefits of a Preventative Maintenance Contract include reduced down-time as well as discounted and prioritized scheduling of maintenance and service. Preventative maintenance will protect the longevity of your unit and significantly increase efficiency. This is an affordable alternative to a potentially avoidable emergency repair.


  • Inspect Motors and Compressors
  • Clean Condensers
  • Clean and/or Replace Filters
  • Battery Replacement
  • Verify Temperature Accuracy
  • Inspect Doors and Gaskets
  • Thorough Evaluation of Control Wiring and Electrical Components
  • Testing of Back-up and Alarm Systems
  • Discounted Pricing on Parts & Labor

We also offer a Full-Service Contract which includes preventative maintenance as well as parts and labor. This is the ultimate way to ensure protection of your business operations and offer you peace of mind. For additional information or to request a quote, please inquire here.

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